Ireland- Day 1

So, we were home for school for a day after Semana Santa, and then it was back to traveling.  This time to Ireland!  Ireland was the trip I had planned that I was most looking forward to.  I don’t know why, but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Ireland.  We got there with no problems, found our giant hostel, and went to bed because it was late. 

We woke up the next morning, ate breakfast at the hostel, and we were off to explore Dublin.  Naturally, since we were in Ireland, I wanted to see St. Patrick’s cathedral.  We made it there and paid to get in, and the people were SUPER nice.  It was a self-guided tour, but one of the workers explained the map to us and then told us if we had any questions we could ask.  It was much more like Westminster Abbey than a Spanish cathedral. 

After St. Patrick’s we went in search of the Guinness Storehouse, or as a tour guide later called it, the center of the universe.  It isn’t actually used as a brewery anymore, but it was still cool.  We learned how they make Guinness, and then saw a ton of advertising stuff.  Once we were done with our tour, we got a free pint!

We grabbed lunch at a little pub, and headed to Dublin Castle.  It is actually now a palace, because the castle was burned down, but they kept the name.  It was a much more practical palace than the royal palace in Madrid or Versailles.  It was the best and cheapest guided tour of a place I’ve ever been on. 

Then we headed to Trinity College.  We were trying to decide if we wanted to spend the money to see the book of Kells or not, but the library was already closed, so it didn’t really matter. 

Then we wandered to the Temple bar area… which was full of entertainment.  There were people dressed as leprechauns, street musicians, and tons of people.  We went back to the hostel to figure out where we needed to meet for our day trips the next two days, and then we wandered O’Connell Street, and we headed back to the Temple bar.  We ended up meeting some Irish friends who told us a whole bunch of stuff about Ireland, it was really cool. 

 At first they were really hard to understand because their accents were really thick, but once we got used to it, we were good to go.  Minus the fact that they say weird things like… 10:30 = half ten, 3 = tree, puck = punch, etc.  We stayed out till about midnight and then headed back to the hostel to sleep!


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  1. finally – these are the pictures i wanted to see. i want to go to ireland too.

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